My Recovery Toolbox Helps Me Hit Pause

I talk about my recovery toolbox like it’s something I carry around with me. As if I were a carpenter about to build a home or a plumber about to fix a broken water heater. I suppose in a sense, I carry my toolbox around with me. When I close my eyes, I can see it. It’s red and worn from all the use I put it through for almost a decade. It has some really cool decals on it too. You know the ones you can get from the places you visit? Like NYC? Mine have my anon letters: AA and SANON.

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Count Your Blessings...and Your Sayings

Not long ago, my friend gave me a Blessings Jar for my birthday. If you’re not familiar with how a Blessings Jar works, it’s a great way to recognize the good things that happen in our life throughout the year. Simply write it down, place it in the jar, and then read them every year…or whenever you need a boost to keep an attitude of gratitude. (You guys know I love my attitude of gratitude!)

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What To Do Until The Shock And Anxiety Subsides?

Not long ago, someone asked me an amazing question after learning about their partner’s addiction that I’d like to share:

 “What to do until the shock and anxiety subsides enough that we can take care of ourselves and think straight? Being careful not to make impulsive regretful decisions.”

 Wowzers! I told you it was amazing! Not only does it ask about self-care, it also shows awareness about making impulsive decisions during a vulnerable time.

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