Please Help Me Decide - An IWSG Post

My book is right on (my self-imposed) schedule. Frankly, I’m shocked. All that’s left to do is read through it one more time, finish the cover, the book description, and the blurb on the back. I set it aside last week so I can give myself a “break” from it for two weeks, and then I’ll have semi-fresh eyes to read it again.

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S is for Setbacks aka Slips

♫ Slip sliding away…slip sliding away. ♫ Do you have that song by Paul Simon in your head too? Sorry about that. As an addict, I use the words setback and slip interchangeably although I understand and respect not everyone is fond of the word slip. To me, a slip is like when you slip on the ice. You don’t quite fall down on the ground. You try to catch yourself before you do. At least you hope you do. If not, then you have a huge knot on your head to remind you why you’re supposed to be more cautious while treading in dangerous territory.

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I became an outlaw - An IWSG Post

What’s up party people? I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks and so much has happened. It’s been great. But this is an Insecure Writer’s Support Group post so I’ll stick to that for today. 

I’ll start with the rule breaking I did last week. I'm a total rebel, you guys! I re-republished my book. Two years ago, I released Steps Along My Shore. It’s a self-help book for those who love someone struggling with pornography addiction and other unwanted sexual behaviors. I talk about how to heal from Relational Trauma, establish boundaries, learn the importance of self-care and all sorts of other cool stuff.

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