I became an outlaw - An IWSG Post

What’s up party people? I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks and so much has happened. It’s been great. But this is an Insecure Writer’s Support Group post so I’ll stick to that for today. 

I’ll start with the rule breaking I did last week. I'm a total rebel, you guys! I re-republished my book. Two years ago, I released Steps Along My Shore. It’s a self-help book for those who love someone struggling with pornography addiction and other unwanted sexual behaviors. I talk about how to heal from Relational Trauma, establish boundaries, learn the importance of self-care and all sorts of other cool stuff.

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Thirty-five Years and One Day

She couldn't help herself from inhaling her husband's scent before she carefully slid out of her side of the bed. They'd been married for thirty-five years. Thirty-five years and one day. Last night they celebrated with too much wine for her and too much vodka for him. Much too much vodka for him. He wouldn't be up for several more hours despite the sunshine already making its way across their tiny front lawn.

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My Fingers Are Flying - An IWSG Post

Oh my gosh you guys, I am so excited for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group this month. First of all, I can finally say that winter can kiss my ass. I’d apologize for the curse word, but it’d be an empty apology. I’m not sorry. Winter can suck it! While this spring has brought me nothing but migraines, I’m more than happy to enjoy looking out the window and seeing lush greenery and the bright colors of my flowers. Yaass!! Plus, I’m beginning to see some migraine-free days sprinkled in again. Double Yaass!!

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