Coloring – It Ain’t Just For Kids

You guys! I forgot how much fun coloring is! A couple of years ago, my hubby came home from his group meeting and said our counselor had them color. I admit I laughed. I mean, I was picturing a bunch of guys grabbing crayons out of a Crayola box and filling in Scooby Doo pictures or something. However, as hubby talked about it, I could tell he really enjoyed it. He said as they colored, they talked about various issues and coloring helped them stay relaxed while they opened up.

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What Does it Mean to Detach? Guest Post by Author Annie Highwater

Today, I'm excited to host, author Annie Highwater. Her latest book, Unbroken, came out the other day. I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of the book before it hit the shelves. What I found most inspiring about Unbroken is the theme of hope and optimism that continually weaves its way throughout the book despite the tough topics it tackles.

We swapped a few emails and one of the things she said, I really wanted to share here (with her permission of course), because it speaks to that hope even while we're in the midst of trying to detach with love.

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I’m Being Stalked & Special Guest Appearance!

A few months ago, we brought a puppy into our home. Yes, that’s right. Another one. We now have three dogs. One was super easy to bring in to the home. He was a puppy from the SPCA. The other, well she came from a hoarding case that was so large it required several states to adopt out the animals - large and small. 

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