PTSD Awareness Month - Healing From Betrayal Trauma

As I said in my last post, June is a great month in our home. Full of birthdays, Father’s Day, and of course the first day of summer. Bring on that beach weather, baby!

It’s also PTSD Awareness month. In 2010, the US Senate officially designated June 27 as National PTSD Awareness Day, and then in 2014, the Senate designated the whole month of June as PTSD Awareness Month.

PTSD is something that is near and dear to my heart. Someone very close to me has PTSD from the violence he witnessed while deployed in Afghanistan. He attempted suicide multiple times. I was able to support him through some of those tough times by attending a support group and sharing my own suicide attempt with him. I’m grateful to say that counseling and a therapy dog has helped him a great deal.

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Hello? Hello? Is there anyone out there?

Wow you guys! This is the longest blogging break I’ve taken since I started blogging in 2011. I thought it would only be the month of April but then when the beginning of the month rolled around, I wasn’t ready to come back yet.

Not because I don’t miss everyone, because I do…and I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to, I was crazy busy doing some great stuff and I didn’t want to stop! I know so selfish of me.

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