What To Do Until The Shock And Anxiety Subsides?

Not long ago, someone asked me an amazing question after learning about their partner’s addiction that I’d like to share:

 “What to do until the shock and anxiety subsides enough that we can take care of ourselves and think straight? Being careful not to make impulsive regretful decisions.”

 Wowzers! I told you it was amazing! Not only does it ask about self-care, it also shows awareness about making impulsive decisions during a vulnerable time.

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Words For Wednesday...On A Different Day

Elephant’s Child does a meme, Words For Wednesday, that I like to do every so often but I’m always late to the game. This time I’m super late to the game. Like a month late. But hey, I’m still doing it, right?

“Are you comfortable?”

Shania shifted her head and looked at him, “Yeah, not too bad. You?”

“Same. He asleep yet?”

She turned her head so she could see his face lying on her chest. “Yes.”

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This is a good anchor

Have you ever heard your voice and thought, “Oh my gosh, that’s what I sound like? Ugh!” Me too. Since I’m over-the-hill, I don’t cringe the way I used to. Until now.

I started recording my podcast back in the beginning of February. Countless times, I attempted to record, listen, and then post my first episode. I couldn’t do it. Not for an entire month. I’d record it, listen, and then hit delete.

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