Fed and Watered

Today is hard.

Yesterday was difficult too.

As were the several days before that.

Sometimes when we have health issues, that’s how life is.

But you know what was awesome?

My husband.

He kept me fed and watered.

That’s what we call it when people take care of me while I have a migraine. They feed and water me…like a plant.

You know what else rocked?

My kids.

They also took turns and kept me fed and watered while dad was at work.

What’s something else I’m grateful for?

God; my faith keeps me moving in a positive direction,

An understanding boss,

Time to catch up on some training for my new job,

Time to write,

My dogs (who I’m fairly certain could qualify as therapy dogs…at least one them could. He’s always nearby when I’m in pain),

The bird that keeps drinking out of the hummingbird feeder; he’s just so much fun to watch!

The three bunnies that hang out in our yard in the mornings, and then hop away as soon as I open the blinds,

The pink flowers on the tree across the street,

And all of you…just to name a few things.

What are you grateful for?