My Mojo Is Back - An IWSG Post

Happy August! Summer is in full swing. Are you enjoying it as much as I am? I hope so. I went on vacation a few weeks ago and it was great. The weather was kinda cruddy, but it didn’t matter, I was with my family and that rocked! So my tan didn’t get much darker, but my heart grew fuller.

No big surprise that I didn’t write too much in July but I got a chuck done after I came back from my vacation. I think I lost my writing mojo for a couple of months because so much was going on with my youngest child and with work, but now that things are looking brighter, the time and also the desire to write has come back too. The creative juices are flowing again.

That makes me happy because one of my favorite things to do is write and when that passion is gone, I feel almost empty. It’s a strange feeling to sit down in front of my keyboard and not want to work on my books, so I’m glad that’s behind me. Maybe it was writer’s block? Maybe it was stress? I don’t know because I’ve never experienced it before. I still blogged. I still volunteered. It was the WIPs that didn’t call to me for whatever reason.

credit: Cordania from deviant art

credit: Cordania from deviant art

Thankfully, my mojo is back! And The Dark Tower finally hits the theater this week. Are you as excited as I am? Okay, I'm a bit hesitant about how the movie will be, but I'm trying to view it with an open mind. Let's hope it's the first in a trilogy! Or even a series. C'mon! I want to see Eddie! I want to see a billy-bumbler!

Have you ever had writer's block? Lost desire to write? Are you going to see The Dark Tower? Did you notice that Zima is back?


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