I'm So Easily Excited


If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while, you know I get excited about the small things. It really doesn’t take much. I mean the cup holder light in my car was what sealed the deal, not the great mileage or the safety features. Well, the cup holder lights and the seat warmers, because who wants a cold fanny? Not this chick.


So when a coworker of mine told me that an Aldi was opening up near us, my interest was piqued. I spent several years living overseas and the thought of being able to get my hands on some German chocolate and German bread at discounted prices seemed like a reason to make the drive out there and I wasn’t disappointed.

After depositing my quarter for the shopping cart (which you get back when the cart is returned), and making sure I had my recyclable bags (because they don’t bag your stuff, that’s your job), I was ready to go in.

The first aisle was filled with German bread, German chocolate, German wine, and what else, German beer. I spent a good twenty minutes in that aisle. Then it was time to check out the rest of the store. I couldn’t believe it…the prices were so low, I had to double-check them.

I had a cart full of food and spent less than $65.00. The caveat is that I had to go to another store to get some things because the selection is limited, but who cares? I saved a ton o’ money. Well, maybe not the first time I went because I was so excited about the German chocolates and bread I went a little bananas. But still, yay! Now I'm just waiting for the Lidl to be finished so I can check them out too.

Which leads me to the next thing that had me so easily excited lately: Vitamin Water. I get it, this drink has been around forever and it's not that healthy, but to me it just arrived and it's better than what I've been drinking.

I feel like I need to tell everyone about it because I love it so much. I’ve got everyone in my house trying all the different flavors I bought. No, not from Aldi because they didn’t have it, dangit, but Kroger did…on sale…and it’s so good!

That’s also how I approach my recovery. I find a new tool to put in my toolbox and it thrills me. I’ve been bummed that I haven’t been able to do yoga because of my migraines, but then I found a lady on YouTube who does yoga just for migraine sufferers. How cool is that? I even got my youngest to do it with. For one session, but one is better than none.

See, easily excited. What got you happy and excited this week?