Putting On My Big Girl Pants - An IWSG Post

Nooo!!!! It’s September!!! Where has my summer gone? Why does this happen every year? It passes by so quickly, I feel like I don’t get to spend enough time soaking up the sun at the beach. Although, this year it was kinda hard to get there between the weather being so cruddy and some set backs with my health last month. It’s all good though. I was able to go on Monday and even saw dolphins playing in the ocean. How awesome is that? I was going to share a picture, but it was so small, it could be a paddle boarder out there, so I'll spare you the strain on your eyes.  Also, one of the blessings of living by the coast is I can go there any day of the year. It doesn’t have to be June, July, or August for me to enjoy my favorite go to spot. Besides, it really doesn’t get cold here for another month or two. No need to panic, Elsie!

August was a month that I felt a twinge of insecurity. Okay, more like a hammer, than a twinge. For two reasons. Ever since my move away from Blogger, my visits have gone down drastically. I’m hoping it’s because of summer, but I'm not sure. It may have more to do with me putting more emphasis on recovery stuff so that may be a turn off for some folks. I guess I need to put on my big girl panties and just suck it up, huh?

My biggest insecurity though was making the decision to release the second edition of my book, Steps Along My Shore. I wanted to update my website address, but more importantly, I wanted to put in trigger warnings for the reader. The last thing I wanted was to cause anxiety to someone.

I have no idea if how I went about it was the “correct” way to do it because well, I didn’t bother to ask anyone how to do it. I just rolled with it. Much the same way I did when I published the book. I guess if I did it wrong, someone will let me know at some point, but since I’m not a famous author, I didn’t think anyone would care. Live and let live, right?

One cool thing though, I did receive an email from someone who read my book and said it helped them feel less alone and that it gave them some hope. That was awesome to hear.

Are you feeling insecure this month? Ever get fan mail? Are you happy summer is coming to an end?

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