Greetings everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season. I did. It was filled with lots of love and laughter. There were some bumps but nothing we couldn’t handle. I was off from work for two weeks and that rocked. I was able to spend a ton of time with my oldest son while he was home on leave. He left Tuesday but hopefully, he’ll be back sometime in the summer. Our most exciting news, our granddaughter arrived yesterday! I'm beyond excited. I'll get to hold her in a few short hours!!!

We also got slammed with a winter storm and while it was cool to have the snow, it brings my area to a screeching halt so I’m over it already. I mean it’s so bad the mail didn’t get delivered for five days and trash pickup was canceled for the entire week and the kids are still out of school. So far they've missed six days. Six days! That's from eight inches of snow. Unreal.

My hubby and son have four-wheel drive and are able to go out and about, but the side roads are still an icy, snowy mess as I type this four days after the storm. With me not having four-wheel drive, my car isn’t built for this kind of weather but the roads are slowly clearing as the temps rise bit by bit.

from Google

from Google

During my time off, I’ve had some time to reflect on a few things. I’m coming into a time of year where work gets pretty hectic. Last year I ran myself ragged and increased my hours sacrificing my self-care in the process. I’m not going to do that this year. I will put in a few extra hours here and there, but nothing like last year, especially with my granddaughter here.

I also need to make a decision on what to do about my website. I have a few months before it renews and I’m wondering if I need to redirect back to Blogger to regain my followers. I love Squarespace but I feel it may be more beneficial to those in retail than to those who just blog. But that just may be me.

My thoughts have also turned to my service work. I want to help others and need to make sure I continue to do so either through this blog, by working on my next self-help book, or volunteering each and every day.

I also want to make sure my blog continues to stay focused on hope, healthy recovery, helping others, and of course, writing.

Lastly, yoga. I just got a new set of DVDs in the mail. Because of my neck/shoulder issues and my migraines I haven’t done yoga consistently in forever and a day. I want that to change so I bought a new program to motivate me again.

Notice I didn’t use the word resolutions because I feel like if I do, that’s a lot of unnecessary pressure to put on myself. I’d rather reflect instead.

Did you do any reflecting lately?