Coloring – It Ain’t Just For Kids

So um, did anyone notice I didn’t post last week? I don’t even have a good excuse. Well, okay, that’s kind of a fib. I was distracted by Hurricane Michael because we have family there (everyone is fine), and then I was working on my WIP and BAM, it was Thursday morning. No post was written ahead of time so I said, meh, I’ll keep working on my WIP. Good thing too because it might actually be done this time next week. Maybe. Who knows? Not me. I’m a pantser with no publisher or editor. That means I do what I want, when I want, as unprofessionally as I want.

Enough about last week and my almost published WIP. Let’s talk about coloring! Not this kind:

This kind:

Just Bought One  from Amazon

Just Bought One from Amazon

Or even this kind if you don’t mind curse words:

You guys! I forgot how much fun coloring is! A couple of years ago, my hubby came home from his group meeting and said our counselor had them color. I admit I laughed. I mean, I was picturing a bunch of guys grabbing crayons out of a Crayola box and filling in Scooby Doo pictures or something. However, as hubby talked about it, I could tell he really enjoyed it. He said as they colored, they talked about various issues and coloring helped them stay relaxed while they opened up.

Naturally, I ran out to store and bought some coloring books and colored pencils imagining us sitting across from one another having these deep conversations while filling in pictures with our bright colors everyday. I think we used them once. Maybe twice. Then they were put into the junk drawer until…I rediscovered them again.

That’s what happens when the Home Depot guy is coming to fix the cabinet. Heaven forbid he finds out that you save the sauce packets from Taco Bell or *gasp* keep the plastic utensils you get from Red Robin. Or was it Panera?

Coloring in them really does alleviate stress. It also helps me think. As I color my mind wanders. It’s reminiscent of yoga (don’t tell anyone but I haven’t done yoga in, um, yikes, a long time). The thoughts drift in and I let them go. It’s really cool.

Also, I’m starting to think I can compete in Ink Master now. I mean, I have several tattoos. I watch Ink Master faithfully so I know what they expect. I color in a coloring book now so that’s like filing in the stencils, right? Maybe not. That’s probably best left to the professionals. That I am not. I can’t even stay in the lines. But a girl can dream.

Do you enjoy coloring? Can you stay in the lines?