I Get It And It Made Me Cry - Always Sunny Knocked It Out of the Park!

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Most of you know that I love to watch comedies. Comedies and reality shows are some of my favorite forms of entertainment. I suppose some reality shows can be considered comedy because they’re so over-the-top scripted, they’ve gotten too ridiculous to watch, even for me. Still, I enjoy a select few. Especially when I’m laid out with a migraine.

One of my favorites comedies is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s one of those shows that you either love or hate because they can be crass at times. Since they just wrapped up their thirteenth season and are gearing up for another season, I think it’s safe to say that there are enough fans out there who enjoy watching these narcissistic, non PC characters get into some form of debauchery every week. Again, this show isn’t for everyone.

Some fans of the show are quite pissed about the show’s finale last week. They feel it went in a direction that was untrue to the show and especially to some of the characters. I am not one of those people. The finale brought me to tears.

It was completely unexpected and that’s why I loved it so much. It showed that while the characters are there to makes us laugh each week, they are also layered and have depth. It displayed their vulnerability. I also felt that it showed the characters were able to grow and evolve as people over the last thirteen years just like it’s viewers. I know I’m not the same person I was when I started watching the show.


For those of you who aren’t family with Always Sunny, Rob McElhenney plays Mac. Mac’s character has seen a gradual development through the years. He’s struggled to find his place in the world, especially when it came his sexual identity. When he finally came out to his friends last season, no one could predict how powerful it would be to this season’s finale.

True to form, his narcissistic friends wanted to make a quick buck for their bar. They thought it would be a great idea to have Mac dance on a float in the gay pride parade. Especially because he had recently transformed his once overweight body, back to a regular body, to a now muscle-bound body. The bar was sure to benefit from Mac dancing shirtless on the float. Mac declines the request though. He has bigger things on his mind. He wants to tell his dad he’s gay.

At one point, Danny DeVito’s character, an almost father role, tells him, “I never really got you and, to be honest, now that you’re gay I get you even less. Nothing against it, I just don’t get it.”

When Mac tries to explain how he feels this is what he said, “There’s like this storm inside of me and it’s been raging my whole life, and I’m down on my knees, and I’m looking for answers, and then God comes down to me and it’s a very hot chick and she pulls me up and we start dancing.” Mac is emotionally conflicted between who he knows he is and who he feels he should be or what others want him to be.

It makes sense that when he tried to come out to his dad, who is serving a prison sentence, and he failed, he chose to do this instead to try to reach him. I hope you’ll give it a watch. It’s breathtaking.:

I started crying oh, about ten seconds into the dance. When Mac’s father got up and walked out, that was it for me. Tears streamed down my face. Even more when Mac’s Guardian Angel/God/Higher Power/Mother hugged him and said, “It’s okay” and then when DeVito said, “I get it,” with tears in his eyes, that was it for me, the waterworks began.

I understand fans who are frustrated because this is not a typical Always Sunny script but it sure is typical people’s feelings. Each of us struggle with something, don’t we? I loved this episode and I loved that they chose to do this as the finale. Beautiful!

What did you think? Has a dance, song, or another form of art ever moved you to tears? Has the ending of a show surprised you?

Programming Note: I won’t be posting next week. I’ll be stuffing my face with turkey, cranberry sauce and other sources of food that will add to my recent weight gain (I’m blaming the Aimovig). For those of you who celebrate, enjoy your Thanksgiving!