A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal


Confused I’m posting today? It’s not Thursday or even the first Wednesday of the month. Sorry guys. It’s still the first day of the work week. I’m posting on a Monday because I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge and it’s time to announce my theme. Wait, what? Participating in the A to Z Challenge? Are you bananas, Elsie? Well, yes, but that’s a different post. Although work is insanely busy right now, what better way to decompress than to hop on my blog and meet some new peeps?

Not these peeps:

from Google

from Google

Oh my gosh, they’re so good though!

These kind of peeps:

from Google

from Google

I was going to do the Challenge on the Mafia in preparation for my fictional book (to be released in about five to fifty years), but then I thought, “Why do that? Your blog is about addiction and the last IWSG post you did, you said you were going to start facing my fears again.” So here’s me facing my fears. My theme is:


Oh wait, you probably guessed that already. The last time I did the Challenge, my theme was about sex addiction and very broad. This time, it’s going to be a bit more personal. I'll talk about my journey with substance abuse and be more in-depth about my hubby too. See, that’s me taking risks. Aren’t you all so proud of me? Oww! I just hurt my arm patting myself on the back.

Also, here's your official warning: the first time around, I kept my posts fairly short. This time, they will be the length of my normal posts. 

Are you in the A-Z Challenge? Do you have a theme? What topic would like to see addressed in my letters? (You can email them to me to remain confidential if you prefer).


I look forward to seeing everyone during the Challenge! Click here to get to the master list sign up sheet. I'll see you all this afternoon.

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