You rock, Alex, and I thank you.

I believe God puts people in our paths and in our lives for many reasons. I also believe He puts them there at the right time too. Sometimes it may be for just a moment, like that smile from a stranger when your day has just been one giant cluster. Or he blesses us with people to cherish day in and day out. Some of you may say its fate, life, or the space creatures from planet Simche that puts people in your lives. Whatever it may be for you, I’m guessing many of you can agree that there is something out there bigger than us and I’m grateful for it. Especially after these last two weeks.

Monday morning I was in a bad state of mind. Something I’m not usually in. Normally, I can reframe my situation to try to be optimistic. I’m forever hearing my counselor ask, “What is the good?” But Monday morning when I woke up with my migraine still pounding in my head after it being there all day on Mother’s Day, then realizing, I had to text my boss…again…that I wouldn’t be into work, I wasn’t able to find good.

I was tapped out. I’d missed an entire week of work already and wasn’t able to connect remotely because of a computer glitch and I was frustrated. I went back to bed sad, feeling defeated, after sending that early morning, “I’ve still got a migraine” text.

A few hours later, I opened up my laptop to check my work email…the only thing I could access remotely, and found this bad boy among my emails:

You Rock Elsie.jpg


Talk about God putting the right person in my path at the right time. I don’t know if Alex realizes how much of an impact he made Monday morning or not. Sure, my head was freakin’ pounding, but my heart was full of gratitude. No, scratch that. My heart IS full of gratitude. Alex has about fifty kabillion followers and he chose me. He gives so much of himself, especially in the writing community, and he’s such a humble man. Most of all, he expects nothing. He just does what he does because that’s how he is: generous.

You rock, Alex, and I thank you.

Has anyone done anything for you that just filled your heart with gratitude?