A Family that Daiths Together Staiths Together.

I’ve been blogging for seven years. Actually, a little over seven years. I’ve had four blogs in those seven years and some of you have been following me since the very beginning. Once of those someone’s is Pat Hatt. While this post is not about him or his evil cat, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention them when writing about migraines. I mean, the evil cat does love to hear my tales about migraines. Don’t you, you flea infested feline?

A few of years ago, I heard about a fashion trend that was also providing migraine patients with some relief from their pain. Like most things I see on social media, I quickly dismissed it. Two years ago, I saw my friend, a fellow migraineur, decided to give it go only to announce a few short days later it was a total and complete flop. Again, I dismissed this idea.

Until I saw a local news report. Below is not my local news….because, you know, I’m still busy trying my damnedest to stay anonymous:

The people they showed in my area had nothing but good things to say about their Daith piercings despite what doctors said. Of course, I understand they wouldn’t go to the tattoo shop and interview anyone who had a bad experience, but still, to hear people who share the same migraines as I do speak so highly of these piercings, why not give it a try? 

^^in case you didn't listen - she says there's no proof they work. Migraine patients say they do.

I figured the worst thing that could happen is an infection. Much like what happened to my friend. She had to take hers out after a few days because it had gotten so bad. She also chose to get both sides done. I wanted to start with just one side.

My youngest child decided they wanted the piercing too, thinking it may help with their migraines. The gentleman who did it was great. When he saw that my child hesitated, he made them go first so they couldn’t chicken out after they saw me do it.  It also didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, although as I write this 24 hours later, it still throbs. My kids' isn’t hurting at all. Lucky!


The artist also advised against getting both ears done at the same time because if one side didn’t take, we’d still have the option of using the other side if we wanted to.

He also said that in the last few years that he’d been doing them for migraines, he’d only had two or three people come back and tell him it didn’t work. Does that mean people just didn’t come back to tell him or does it mean they all worked? I don’t know.

Either way, it takes six to nine months for the ear to fully heal but I should see some improvement in my migraines very soon if it’s going to work for me. If it doesn’t work, oh well, I have a cool piercing. And like I told my kid, a family that Daiths together staiths together.

Do you have any cool piercings? Are you afraid of needles?