Five Things To Quit Right Now

From Facebook

From Facebook

I saw this on Facebook awhile back and it really hit home with me. You guys know I’m a work in progress and am trying to get better but, man, some of this stuff, is hard!

1.     Trying to please everyone: Thankfully, this one I can check off the list. I used to run around trying to make everybody happy, usually at my own expense. Now I make sure I do things for the right reasons and for the right people.

2.     Fearing change: I fear change but not enough to paralyze me. FEAR = Face Everything And Rise.

3.     Living In The Past: I talked about this last week. “We will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it.” I don’t dwell.

4.     Putting Yourself Down: I still struggle with this one. My roots run deep here and I have a difficult time accepting compliments without the whole brush off: “I love your writing on this, Elsie!” “Oh, really? I thought it was bit sloppy.” Why not just say thank you?

5.     Overthinking: Lemme think about this one. Just kidding. I’m about fifty-fifty on this one. The addict side loves to make rash decisions! Woo hoo! The scared child inside me longs to proceed with caution.

Do you need to quit one of the statements?

I'll be by to visit later this afternoon. I have to work. Can't quit that. Unless someone wants to donate a million dollars to me? Anyone? Anyone?