Simple goals for a simple gal - IWSG Post

IWSG Question: What are your writing goals and have they changed over time?


This is a great question. I had to pause a moment before I answered it. Not for too long because my gut instinct was like, “Nope. No change.” However, as I pondered another few seconds, my brain was all, “Hey wait a minute, you’ve changed a butt load in the last few years.”

I began blogging with no real goals in mind. Is endless ranting and raving about my husband’s addiction a goal? No? What if I added in a bunch of cursing? Still No? I figured. It felt great and it was what I needed to do at the time, but yeah, I had set no goal for myself at that blog.

When my emotions settled though, I discovered that all that writing I’d been doing, felt good. Really good. Aside from blogging, I’d been writing in a journal and brainstorming and before I knew it, those writing muscles I had in college were working again. I started to share some of my poetry and short stories on my new blog and people enjoyed them.

Still no goals. Until one day a follower said to me, “You have a gift. You should write.” Sadly, she no longer blogs and I miss her smiling face. It was she that helped me set my first goal. A fictional book.

A funny thing happened as I was writing that book. I decided I wanted to write a self-help book. So I set another goal. I decided I’d write both books at the same time. This way, when the self-help book got too emotionally heavy, I had a fictional book to escape into.

I had an awesome critique partner. He had the patience of a saint. He’s taken a break from blogging and hopefully, he’ll make his return again because I sure do miss him. He taught me quite a bit.

With his help, I finished both books, although only one is in publication. My goal now is to write to help others. I can’t afford publishers, editors, cover art, and all that jazz. I’m a simple gal with simple goals who simply wants to help, so this is what I do. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. I’m not sure, but my hope is that it does for someone. If my goal changes, then it’s time for me to stop because, for me, that means I’m doing it for the wrong reason. For me, this is my fun place. I mean, c’mon, look at that beach up there, who doesn’t like the beach?

Do you have blogging buddies you miss too? Have plans for 4th of July? Have an awesome CP?

Please note: I’ll be making the rounds late today.


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