Life Is Good And So Is Aimovig

Last week I mentioned that life is good. Really good. I’ve been watching my grandbaby grow by leaps and bounds. It’s incredible! Her smile and laughter fill my heart. All three of my kids are in a great place too. Nothing makes a mom happier than when their children are doing well.

I talked about my manuscript last week so I won’t bore you too much by repeating what I’ve already said, except to say, I’m grateful to Pat Hatt. Sure, we go back and forth in the comments section every week. It’s been like that for, gosh, seven years now. He’s been with me since the very beginning and that banter helped lift me up during my darkest days.

When I reached out to him the beginning of last month to ask if he would take a look at my book, he didn’t hesitate. Even though I said, “No hurry,” he had it back to me in about two weeks! Two weeks! This guy is nothing short of amazing. Don’t let his snark fool you. He’s a mush with a kind heart. That doesn’t mean I may not have a post dedicated just to him very soon. Just sayin’. (Two weeks?)

Speaking of Pat, I know how much he loves when I talk about my migraines. This has been an especially tough year for me. Things had gotten so bad the last few months, I called my neurologist and requested a referral to a pain management clinic. I was that desperate. The last few trips they kept asking if I wanted to give up my Botox injections *gasp*…the one thing that had been working after years of these things keeping me in bed for days at a time. I kept telling them not just, ”No,” but “Hell, no!” Finally, on that last phone call, I said, “Okay. Fine." Big sigh of OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE????

Turns out: Best decision ever.

No wonder they kept asking me if I was willing to drop the Botox. They didn’t want me on Botox so I could start this bad boy:





Turns out, life is good and so is Aimovig. It’s a self-injection done once a month that was recently approved by the FDA. This guy is expensive so the pharmacy rolled out the first two months free. I did my first free injection a few weeks ago and have seen a tremendous difference. Sure, I still get some migraines here and there, but lemme tell ya, they respond to my rescue meds now. I’m not missing days and days of time with my family or missing work. I went to the beach and came back feeling exactly how I was when I arrived. No headache! I exercised….no headache! The only ones I’m struggling with are still weather related, but so what? I’ll take it.

Have you heard of Aimovig? Are you grateful for someone today?