I’ve Gone To Pot


I’ve gone to pot. Literally and figuratively. Okay, maybe not literally but kinda. And for sure figuratively. I have shoulder and neck pain that trigger migraines. At one time, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Turns out, it was the medicine I was taking to treat my muscles aches that exacerbated the issue. I’m so glad I stopped taking them.

However, that still left me with the original muscle aches. I’ve had acupuncture done but it is so expensive I had to stop. I did aqua therapy but that just made things worse. Now I get a monthly massage and she is a miracle worker. Sadly, I can’t afford to go more than once a month but when I do go, ahhh.

At one of those appointments, the massage therapist gave me a sample of some salve that she uses. It had a pretty little flower on the lid and smells so good! A few days later, I put it on my neck and shoulders and was surprised when I felt some relief.

I put my glasses on and was shocked to find out that it wasn’t a pretty flower on the lid. It was a picture of a pot leaf with a purple company logo. I quickly started doing research. I was afraid I unknowingly just used an illegal substance. It didn’t occur to me at the time that the massage therapist wouldn’t be handing out samples if they were illegal. I was too worried about my program and my sobriety.


Turns out she gave me CBD (Cannabidiol). I wasn’t committing a crime or killing my sobriety. CBD isn’t illegal in my state and it doesn’t contain THC. That’s the part of marijuana that gets you high. So, I contacted the distributor and purchased a jar of salve and a scented CBD candle.

What were the results? Pretty good. While it doesn’t completely erase the aches and pains, it definitely dulls them. Is it worth the price? For me (and my hubby) I have to say yes. Especially because a little goes a long way.

Research on CBD is fairly limited. Some say it’s a miracle cure with no side effects that can help alleviate pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. Others say it has only been proved to help with seizures and PTSD or they feel that’s not enough research to make a determination. (Article links below).

I started looking into CBD and/or Hemp oil and may purchase some to see if it can help with my sleeplessness and migraines. How cool would it be if I could use this natural remedy instead of manufactured pills?

Have you heard of CBD treatment? Would you try it or did you already?


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ETA: I woke up with a migraine. I’ll visit everyone when I feel better. Thank you!