Words For Wednesday...On A Different Day


Elephant’s Child does a meme, Words For Wednesday, that I like to do every so often but I’m always late to the game. This time I’m super late to the game. Like a month late. But hey, I’m still doing it, right?

“Are you comfortable?”

Elena shifted her head and looked at him, “Yeah, not too bad. You?”

“Same. He asleep yet?”

She turned her head so she could see his face lying on her chest. “Yes.”

They both fell into a light sleep and woke up when a gust of wind rattled the open window. She felt Isaac stir and gently patted his back until he fell asleep again. She shifted her position slightly to try and get a bit more comfortable. A few minutes later, Dennis snored softly across from her.

Elena didn’t remember falling back to sleep but the sound of a nearby engine woke her up. When she sat up, Isaac awakened. She held him tightly to her chest, and urgently said, “Dennis, someone’s out there. I can hear them.”

Quickly, Dennis slipped into his waders, jumped off the kitchen counter and into the muddy water that had risen into their home overnight.

As he trudged through the water to get to the front of their home, Isaac began to cry out, “Daddy! No leave me!”

“It’s okay, buddy, I’m right here.”

“I go!”

“You stay with mommy. I’ll be right back.”

Isaac buried his head into Elena’s neck and began to sob. It had been a rough night. They knew the hurricane was coming. They had prepared. The hurricane kit was stocked with flashlights, batteries, solar lights, food, a crank radio, dry shampoo, baby wipes and so many other things they’d need when the power went out. But no amount of preparation could equip them for Mother Nature’s plans when the storm system shifted and then stalled over their area leaving thousands of residents flooded and stranded in their homes.

She watched as the water lapped against the bottom of the kitchen counter where she and her tiny family had taken refuge in the middle of the night. Then she heard her husband shout, “Over here! Over here!”

As they placed Isaac into the rescue raft, Elena looked back at her home and sadness filled her until she saw the smile on her son’s face as a volunteer handed him a stuffed toy. She saw that same smile spread across her husband’s face and then it made its way to hers. She had a lot to be thankful for that day. She still had her tiny family.


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Do you like to participate in memes, challenges or other group activities? Are you late like me?

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