What To Do Until The Shock And Anxiety Subsides?

Not long ago, someone asked me an amazing question after learning about their partner’s addiction that I’d like to share:

 “What to do until the shock and anxiety subsides enough that we can take care of ourselves and think straight? Being careful not to make impulsive regretful decisions.”

 Wowzers! I told you it was amazing! Not only does it ask about self-care, it also shows awareness about making impulsive decisions during a vulnerable time.

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S is for Setbacks aka Slips

♫ Slip sliding away…slip sliding away. ♫ Do you have that song by Paul Simon in your head too? Sorry about that. As an addict, I use the words setback and slip interchangeably although I understand and respect not everyone is fond of the word slip. To me, a slip is like when you slip on the ice. You don’t quite fall down on the ground. You try to catch yourself before you do. At least you hope you do. If not, then you have a huge knot on your head to remind you why you’re supposed to be more cautious while treading in dangerous territory.

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N is for No Problem

In my last post, I talked about meetings and how valuable they are to me. There’s one I like to stop at on my way home from work that I haven’t been able to get to because my work schedule has been too hectic and I miss it terribly. Now that things are calming down again, I’m hoping to pop in there next week.

One of the great things about AA are the slogans. They have a ton that are official and many more that aren’t like this gem:

The difference between a problem drinker and an alcoholic is that

A)         When alcohol is taken away from the problem drinker, the problem goes away.

B)         When alcohol is taken away from the alcoholic, the problem begins.

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M is for Meetings

I remember when the only meetings I attended were those required by my employers. Ugh. Although one company I worked for had a breakfast meeting and each division was assigned to cook breakfast on a rotating basis. That was pretty awesome. Unless it was my week to cook. I digress. This post is about meetings, not breakfast. Although you guys know how much I love my Entenmann’s.

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