I’m not insecure; I’m indecisive - IWSG Post

The first Wednesday in March also means the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Woot Woot! This month I’m not insecure; I’m indecisive. I flip-flop on some things: Oui yogurt or Siggi’s? bai or Vitamin Water? Entenmann’s or Hostess? If you’re keeping track: Oui, bai, and Entenmann’s. Of course, Entenmann’s usually wins since I lived so close to the factory on Long Island. Hello half-off Wednesdays! Usually, though the things I’m wishy-washy about are the foofy things in life. In the grand scheme of things, if I want to switch back to Hostess so I can treat myself to a couple of Snowballs, who cares? But on the bigger choices in life, well, those things I tend to do a better job arriving at a decision.

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