B is for Bottom Line

Yikes! Bottom line, huh? Can I keep this short enough for the Challenge? I’m going to try. Deep breath, Elsie, deep breath.

I first encountered the phrase, “Bottom line behaviors” when I was sitting in an anon meeting.

Someone said, “What're your husband's bottom line behaviors?”

“I caught him cheating on me. Like online and stuff.”

 “No, bottom line, not rock bottom. Do you know what his bottom line behaviors are yet?”

I felt like I really should know what this woman was talking about so I did what came naturally back then with my bloated ego. I acted like I knew it all. “Oh, right, yeah, his bottom line behaviors. Mmhmm. Oh crap! I forgot my daily reader. Can you hand me that one?” Then I shoved mine back in my bag and diverted her question. The moment I got home, I educated myself on bottom line behaviors. Actually, I overeducated myself. I did that a lot back then.

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