In A Strange Place

I’m in a strange place. 

No, I don’t mean I’m in Luxembourg or something. (Which is an awesome place, and close to where I used to live once upon a time.)  I’m in a strange place with my writing.  I want to start another book while my WIPs are being critiqued, but I don’t know which one to start first.
from Bing!
I hear the voice of one of my favorite characters in my Mafia book.  She’s letting me know she’s not ready to be put aside just yet.  She has more adventures to share and I’m tempted to listen to her.
from Bing!
Another voice, not nearly as strong, is calling me to continue writing a book I started many, many months ago.  Although started is loosely used. I think I have all of five pages written.  And, every one of them needs to be edited before I continue.

I feel like I’d be happy to settle into the familiar world of the mob again.  It’s a fun place for me to travel in my imagination.  Yet, that smaller voice calls from a place I haven’t explored yet - horror.  Not scare the crap out of you horror, more like horror lite, if that’s even a thing.

Would I be happier trying something new?  Or, cozying up with the mob?  Both worlds are fairly scary, but which one would be more satisfying?

I think I’ll quiet my mob chick first, then pop over to the world of horror for a bit.  I’ll see which one motivates me to keep my rear in the chair more often.  Something tells me it’ll be the mob.  But, maybe that’s because I have a gun at my head.  Figuratively, of course.

Are you ever torn between ideas or projects?

Speaking of horror, has anyone been watching the latest season of American Horror Story?  What do you think?  

Can you believe Twisty the Clown:

is really this guy, John Carroll Lynch?:

Yeah, me either! 

Enjoy your week, everyone.  And, watch out for those pesky clowns….