Time For The Beach & Editing

I saw this posted on Facebook the other day.  It gave me a good chuckle until I realized just how many people need these explanations...including myself on some days.

I’ve been steadily making progress on editing my book.  I think I’ll be done with first round of edits this month.  I also reserved some time for the beach last week.  It was the perfect day to sunbath.  Not too hot or humid and a light breeze to keep us from roasting.  

Hurricane Arthur made the riptide too strong to enjoy the water, as several people found out.  They had to be rescued when the current pulled them too far out to swim back.  Because of the quick response of the police and EMS, they got back to shore safe and sound.  A big thanks to those who keep us safe at the beach and in our community.

We returned to the beach with the dogs after the storm passed.  Even caught a belated Fourth of July firework show while we were there. One of my pooches kept trying to dig up the crabs from their hidey-holes but the others were well behaved.  If the weather holds up, I may hit the beach before the rain settles in for the rest of the week. 

Did you ever witness a rescue?  Get to see any cool fireworks over the holiday weekend?   

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Is anyone else having problems with Blogger?  I can't seem to publish comments or posts without hitting the button a few times.