Count Me In

I made a pretty big decision the other day.  I decided to join in on the fun of the A-Z Challenge.  At first, I threw the idea out in my mental wastebasket.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to commit to such a big bloggy fest.  Then I changed my mind, and dug the idea back out of the garbage.  Don’t worry, it was in the recycle bin, so it wasn’t covered in dinner scraps.

I felt like the A-Z Challenge would be a great way for me to plant my rear in my chair, and get some writing done.  I keep telling myself I’m going to get on a schedule for my writing, but I never actually do it.  I schedule the same way I write, by the seat of my pants.  That has to change.

So, in the month of April you’ll see daily posts from moi.  But, wait.  It gets better.  I’m also a minion for Ayjay at Naturally Sweet.  You can tell because of the badges in this post and on my sidebar.  Jeremy from {Being Retro} created them.   Dang, he’s good.

It was recommended, I do a theme for the Challenge.  One that was similar to the subject of my blog.  That’s right, my Hooligans, most of the posts will be about sex addiction.

I figured a few things could happen by making sex addiction the subject of my posts. I bore the crap out of everyone, or I can help educate people about its existence. Let them know how it effects a regular ol’ (make that young) couple.  Not just what people see and hear from the media.  Like Tiger Woods and Anthony Weiner.  It really does happen to us (almost) normal folks.

Maybe I’ll even reach someone who is desperately looking for answers, or needs to know they aren’t alone.   That would be freakin’ awesome.  I’d love to let someone who is going through the same thing know that there is hope.

If you want to participate in the A-Z Challenge, here’s some information that will help you join:

Badges (They even have one for those who are supporters but not participating)

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One piece of advice I'd like to pass on - turn off your captcha.  You'll get more comments and follow up visits that way.

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Are you in the Challenge this year?  Have you ever participated?