M is for Migraines: A-Z Challenge

Rob Z Tobor illustration


They suck.

I’ve had them for twenty-five plus years.


They suck.

I travel five hours each way to see a specialist every three months.

I had a local neurologist too. I dumped him.

He ramped up doses of medications rather than finding the reason behind the migraine.

My specialist discovered an underlying auto-immune disease that may be the cause.


They suck.

I take herbal supplements.

I’m on a break from prescription medications except for triptans to treat as they occur.

Some days the triptan works.

  Most days they don't.  

Migraines hit every other day now.

Time to revisit a preventative treatment medication again.

My liver has healed.



They suck.

Everyone thinks they know that one little tid bit of information I don’t about my migraines. They read how to CURE them.

There is no cure.

It’s okay.

They’re just trying to help.

I politely smile and nod my head in the right places.

I’ll listen to my specialist’s advice.

I pay her good money.


They suck.

But my life doesn’t.

Life is good.

I have a great husband.

Fantastic kids.

Live close to the beach.

I have a roof over my head. Heat in the winter.

A/C in the summer.

Running water.

Food on the table.

Money in my pocket, even if it jingles when I walk.

At least there's something to jingle.

Life is good even with migraines.

What makes life good for you?


This post is part of the A-Z Challenge.  Wanna see more?