I Needed A Laugh

Sometimes life throws us a few curveballs at once. Sometimes those curveballs hit us right upside our heads.
  • My migraines aren't going the way I hoped but I've got a backup plan so there's always hope. 
  • Devin was letting his slips get inside his head but he's on a better track too.
  • I may have to face the fact that it's time to cut ties with certain family members and that hurts my heart. No optimistic twist on this one.
So to this I say: Sometimes all you can do is give life the middle finger and then laugh. That's what I choose to do this week. Let's laugh together, shall we?

I love me some Modern Family!

And who doesn't love Beverly Goldberg from The Goldbergs? She's hilarious!

Here's to a better week everyone!