"N" is for Newcomers: A-Z Challenge

N is for Newcomers

Sometimes I wish there were a way to hang a little wooden shingle on my blog reading, “Newcomers Welcome.”  Like, somehow, that would attract people here. Perhaps it would encourage them to grab a comfy chair, their favorite drink, and dive into my blog without fear.  

That little wooden shingle would symbolize how I felt at my first S-Anon meeting; accepted, understood, and full of hope.  And, let’s be honest, surprised at how many people were effected by this addiction.

I realize the majority of my posts are about a subject most people are not familiar with.  Heck, four years ago, I’d never heard of sex addiction.  That was then, this is now. 

Much has changed in those four years. I went from a blubbering mess on my kitchen floor, to an emotionally stronger woman.  I am able to see the forest for the trees. Denial and enmeshment are not an option.

I want people to feel hopeful when they read my blog.  It’s okay if you don’t know anyone with sex addiction, or any other addiction.  I’m just like most of you. I have a passion for writing, I love to laugh, I enjoy helping others, and I’m a great parent to my kids (just don’t ask them). 

Newcomers here, and at my S-Anon group do wonders for my soul and for my recovery.  They give me a chance to see the person I used to be, serve as a great reminder of how far I’ve come, and how easy it is to return to that emotional chaos.  It’s humbling.

And remember, be nice to the newcomer, they could be your sponsor one day.  Or your editor.

What would your blog shingle say?


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