How About These Fine Candidates?

Most of you know that I'm a political junkie. I wake up and watch cable news, I get showered, then watch some more political news. At work, I listen to talk radio, (after the local comedy radio show). I mean it can’t be politics all the time. Then when I return home, I listen to a bit more cable news before I get a big ol’ dose of my reality shows. You know, to get a break from all that politics. But this year, this year I feel like politics has drifted it’s way into my reality shows and I’m not happy about that. So much damn drama going on in the world of politics.

I want politics to stay where it belongs. In politics. I don’t mind some mudslinging now and then but this whole thing has just turned downright ugly, childish, and petty. It gets worse year after year. What happened to dignity in running an entire country? Can’t we just play nice? Can’t we act like adults? At this rate, I’m tempted to vote for some of these fine candidates:
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Remember when Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart threw their hats in the ring in 2008? Yes, it was a lot of fun to watch and sure, Colbert pulled out of the running long before it got too serious (and way too expensive - a mere $35,000 to enter the South Carolina primary - but still entertaining and very informative too.

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Love Curb Your Enthusiasm and still watch the reruns
hoping it will return one day!

How hilarious would it be to have the bumbling Larry David running our country? Sure there would be the risk of a nuke being dropped on head at any given time, or the chance of riots breaking out because he has no filter...okay, never mind. Maybe Larry wouldn't make such a great president. But what a great advisor he'd make. I'd watch him be an advisor on Veep anyway. Not so much in real life though.

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Ron White announced his intentions to run for 2016. His slogan? “Vote Smart, Because You Can’t Fix Stupid.” From the looks of the candidates this year...stupid seems to be a running theme. Not sure Ron can do any good to help this election year. I think we're right screwed no matter who gets in.

I know I've got my homework cut out for me this year. I take my vote seriously and don't just listen to whatever the talking heads have to say. I read. I think. I ponder. Then I pray and hope for the best.

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I also took some downtime in between my political homework this weekend and saw Deadpool. It rocked and I'll be buying it when it comes out on DVD. It was that good. I'm not usually into "superhero" action movies, but he's not the typical superhero either.

Maybe I'll just vote for him. He seems like a sensible candidate. Or not.

What are your thoughts on these fine presidential candidates? Any suggestions of your own? Have you seen or plan to see Deadpool? Thoughts on the movie?