Rumor Has It - An Early IWSG Post

Rumor Has It…

ETA:  There is a glitch between Blogger and GoDaddy that will hopefully be corrected by tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up JoJo!
Hello my Hooligans!  I miss you.  Really and truly, I miss you guys.  I hate not knowing what’s going on with everyone.  Blogging is one of my favorite past times and I haven’t been on here in a month.  Gah!  A month! 

I’d ask where the time went but I know exactly where I spent it: working. That's why I'm doing the Insecure Writer's Support Group a day early.  It's my only day off this week and, I’m super excited about that. I'm not complaining one bit.  Just being healthy enough to work again is phenomenal.  And, being able to work up to twenty-five hours a week is icing on the cake.  Time to try and catch up on those credit card bills.

But, working comes at a cost.  Not only did my time on Blogger fall to zero, my writing time is down there with it. I’ve had to choose between editing and blogging.  So, during any downtime I find between work and family, I edit.  I’m that strange chick who carries her beloved laptop wherever she goes and ignores people’s stares as I continue to tweak my book. 

And, I’m okay with that.  I understand it’s a temporary thing.  Rumor has it that every tax season has a lull for a week in February before it gets hairy again.  So, I may get more than one day off a week and if I do, I’ll spend it writing and blogging.  At least until things get crazy again, and even that ends April 15th.  There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

This is my way of saying sorry for being such a terrible blogger buddy and an even worse email friend.  My heart is always in the right place, even when my comments and replies aren’t.  A big thank you to those of you who’ve been checking up on me.  You guys rock!

 Just like Arnold says, “I’ll be back.”  It may take a few months but I’ll be here.  And, I promise not to crash my car into my blog when I return.

 How have you balanced life when things got hectic?

This is an Insecure Writer Support Group post, come play with us!  It’s a time to talk about our fears and doubts, or inspire others by sharing our success and happiness.  We’ve got a great bunch of people in this group and we’d love to have you join in on the fun too.  A big thank you to it's creator, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Don’t forget to stop by and say hello to our fantastic co-hosts:     Gwen Gardner, Dolorah, Sarah Foster, and M. Pax!!