Namaste Bitch


“Namaste.” I said, worn out from the workout I just completed.

“Namaste.”  The instructor said.

“Bitch.” I quipped, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

“Nice.”  My husband said from behind me and laughed. 

I turned and saw him sitting on the couch.  I hit the pause button on the Nintendo Kinect controller. 

“What are you doing in here?”  I asked and began laughing too.

“I wanted to see what kind of workout it was, see if I would be able to train on it with my bum knees.  You really enjoy it and it’s been a great stress reliever for you.  Poor instructor though, I feel bad for her.”  He said and laughed again.

It’s true, yoga has been a great form of exercise for me and I’ve really been able to enjoy it without triggering Migraines.  Remember when I tried Zumba and how much I loved it?  Unfortunately, it ended up triggering Migraines and I had to quit going but with yoga, there’s no jumping around like a maniac. It’s all stretching and deep breathing. I thought for sure I’d be bored or my mind would ping pong or I wouldn’t feel a burn but that isn’t the case at all. Yoga rocks!

In addition, we also have Dance Central and you want to talk about fun!  I think you guys will remember the fun I had on vacation when I played at my mother-in-law’s?  Now I can have that fun anytime I want, with just about any song I want – it’s so much fun and it’s great exercise too and well, yeah, that kicks my butt for sure!

Exercise is a great stress reliever and it’s also a great way to clear my mind.  After I’m done exercising, I feel great!  I have cleared a writing block, gotten over a grudge, released tension out of my neck, even come up with an idea for a book – yep…I think I might have a new book idea…non-fiction guys. 

So, go stretch.  And, even though I just used this on my other blog, I’m going to use it again here because, well, it just rocks and well, cause I can: