Thank You Terry Crews!

You’ve heard their names and seen their faces:

Tiger Woods

David Duchovny

Charlie Sheen

Anthony Weiner

All of them have the same thing in common: they're all self-proclaimed porn addicts. Some also admitted that their addiction to porn led them to becoming sex addicts.

Maybe you remember the headlines in each celeb’s case? Tiger Wood's wife smashing out his car window with a gulf club. Or the sexting scandal of Anthony Weiner that ruined his political career. Who can forget Charlie Sheen’s proclamations of “Winning!” in 2011?

The one thing they all seemed to have in common was that it took a big life event for them to  announce their addiction to porn. The addiction that led them to cheat on their loved ones and do things they thought unfathomable until the claws of the disease were dug in deep.

Then along came Terry Crews.
A man of strong body. A man of strong mind. A man of strong character. And a man plagued by an addiction to porn since the age of twelve. He didn’t need a scandal to let him know it was time to address his addiction. He needed the support, understanding, but most of all, the ultimatum, of his wife, Rebecca King-Crews to get him to where he is today. She explained that she didn’t recognize him anymore and that scared him, so he checked himself into rehab.

No longer would Crews see himself as a victim of his circumstances. No longer would he allow himself to feel alone and isolated, and leave himself vulnerable to viewing porn and down the dark path of cheating on his wife again. Now Cruz is actively speaking out against porn and the damage it can do in some couple’s relationships.

Terry Crews does not hang his head in shame. Instead, he educates the public by talking about the movement Fight The New Drug  whenever he’s given an opportunity and he does it in a way that only Crews can, with that endearing charm, wit, and a touch of humor too.

I am so thankful that he and his wife are spreading the word about porn and sex addiction. With a couple like this out there, it gives me hope that one day Devin and me won’t be forever hiding in the shadows.

Check out his Facebook videos. They’re short and well worth the listen.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Crews!

Do you know about any celebrities who've come out as sex/porn addicts? Did it change your opinion of them?