Spring Restoration

We had a two-day stretch of warm weather recently.  Then, the temperatures plummeted and we had snow.  During that brief warm spell, my daffodils began to bud. 
This is from Bing but it could me mine.  Pretend it is mine.
I was elated at the prospect of spring arriving any day now.  To me, the season means the beginning of new things. Winter sheds it’s thick coat and reveals all the beautiful colors of spring.  Soon, we’ll see yellow, red, pink, and blue in everyone’s yards.  That’s so much prettier than the brown of dead grass and dried up leaves.

Spring also brings me hope.  It reminds me things that once seemed bleak can be restored to its fullest potential and become beautiful. 

Even our emotions.

Mine have been all over the map lately.  One minute I feel grateful to be alive than the next I’m pissed off at something I’ve learned to overlook. (Who cares if Devin didn't make the bed.  I can do it too!)  I’m certain it has something to do with my recent withdrawal from Cymbalta.  I think there may be some lingering side effects rolling around in this here brain of mine.  At least the mind zaps are almost gone.

This array of emotions may also be from the aches and pains I’ve been dealing with the last few months.  No one can be expected to be even-keeled while managing that.

Instead of beating myself up for not remaining serene all the time, I’ve accepted it.  Now that I’ve acknowledged it, I can change it. As my beloved Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge” or something like that.

It’s time to break out the yoga again and see how far I can get.  I need to remember not to be upset if I can only make it for ten minutes.  That’s ten minutes more than zero.  

I need to dive back into my step work. My step four is collecting dust.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of bats flew out of the book when I opened it.  Well, okay, I’d be pretty surprised and also pretty freaking scared. 

I also need to take a warm, soothing bath to treat myself.  Maybe I’ll even spring (see what I did there?) for that massage guy in the mall.  You know the one?  He has his chair set up in the middle of mall and charges for each fifteen-minute increment? Yeah, that guy, Mr. Strong Hands.

I know everything is going to fall into place again because I saw this yesterday:
I'm impressed with my camera skills!
Oh, wait. Did I forget to mention it won't get past forty degrees for the rest of the week?  I guess I need to wait for spring a bit longer but I’ll be ready when it finally arrives.

What’s your favorite thing about spring?